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by Francesca Alden

The home of the statement piece! Unique furniture and home accessories.

After over a decade as an interior designer (Zzinidesign) and working with fabulous fabrics, I felt it was time to get in touch with my creative self and work on my own range of luxury products.

ZziniHome was born out of a desire to bring designer fabrics, vintage trends and lots of colour to the eclectic, sustainable home of today. There is no doubt that restyling furniture is a great way of using resources already out there and at the same time reinstating great furniture design, however where I get my ultimate joy is from making these pieces relevant and desirable to our modern life and living.


Apothecary Essence

by Gemini Mehta

Born from a love of home fragrance and a desire to create a range using only plant materials – soy wax, essential oils and wooden wicks.

I believe that home fragrance should have a purpose other than just to smell great. This is why I have created each and every essential oil blend to suit a particular mood or feeling. There are blends to empower, relax, uplift, focus, cleanse etc.

Aromatic plants have been the basis for herbal and botanical medicines and remedies for thousands of years. In fact, they’re the root of today’s medicines.

It therefore felt only right to bring these age-old remedies to life again in a modern day format to help manage through todays busy lifestyles.

Let us scent you happy!


Hot Haveli

by Sinead Bernhauser

Bohemian, ethical, fair trade.

Inspired by my many travels to India over the years I decided to created Hot Haveli – an independent lifestyle shop where everything is handmade by artisans.

I work directly with several socially-conscious suppliers and meet with many skilled artisans, designers and friends. We work collaboratively, sustaining traditional craft skills, often fusing them with contemporary ideas and uses.

I have naturally gravitated towards suppliers providing much-needed work to women, many of whom either haven’t had the opportunity to work or can’t leave their home to work, because of cultural traditions or childcare needs. These suppliers provide decent work for women who are then able to contribute to their family finances, gain more independence and can make sure their children go to school and are educated for all of their futures.


Neat Homeware

by Claire Street

A beautiful collection of Scandinavian and Mid Century Modern inspired homewares, which have been hand-picked to bring personality and warmth to your home.

I am passionate about design, pattern, texture and pops of colour. Combined with tactile natural materials, neat homeware will help you to create a relaxed and inviting home with a simple stylish vibe.

I absolutely love all of the items that I source, and the neat homeware collection is a thoughtful edit of pieces from UK makers and Scandinavian brands. The result of many years pouring over interior magazines and getting excited when I visit an independent store and see beautiful things presented in a simply lovely way.



by Jess and Tom Jones-Berney

We are a brother and sister design duo based in East London – Jess taking photographs of the our favourite spots in London and Tom sketching them using a Wacom tablet. The result is a unique brand of hand drawn digital prints.

We mainly create London art because it’s an unendingly interesting city, where inspiration is infinite. The contrast of the modern world up against the city’s big historical stalwarts creates incredible panoramas. We like to think our art is a bit of fun for the eyes, a slightly wobbly look at the world, with some added colour if you would want it.


Soden Style

by Emma Holbrook

Soden Style is a home and lifestyle brand with the aim of taking you on an adventure every time you buy a piece from our eclectic fusion of treasures, sourced from our travels both near and far. We curate ‘one of a kind’ statement pieces and accessories found in far flung corners of the globe from Cornwall to Kashmir, Bali to Copenhagen.

We are passionate about helping you find beautiful pieces with a unique story, which can begin their next chapter in your home.


Hodge Interiors

by Nicole Louise Dyer

Hodge Interiors specialises in sourcing and curating unique vintage items from furniture, predominantly painted, to individual decorative items and mixing them with new to help you create a space that is truly unique to you. As a result we offer a distinctive and original blend of old and new furniture and interiors accessories. We always select items that have the credentials to stand the test of time and sit in modern or traditional spaces whether they be vintage or new, industrial or rustic.  We are often drawn to Scandinavian as well as a wide variety of European styles.  We believe that this blend creates the most interesting spaces that show personality and allow you to create a space that truly reflects and works for you.


Grow and Gather

by Nerys

I am a graphic designer and illustrator with a love of all things individual and unique. We live in such a ‘mass market’ world so I always try and seek out the handmade, artistic and creative special pieces.

I have always been a keen artist, scribbling, painting and creating. I also studied silver jewellery making for several years. My wire art is a way for me to explore my drawings in 3D. I love the organic, individual process and each piece is unique.

I combine my love for vintage and antique pieces in my art using pieces of ephemera and beautiful pots to hold my delicate art.


The Rug Shed

by Uzman

Handpicked, one of a kind rugs for beautiful homes

We are a British business with roots emerging from the early 1990’s Pakistan. Our speciality in the rugs industry is simple but twofold. Firstly, We stock the finest, rarest and widest collection of hand made rugs from Iran, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Turkey and Morocco. Secondly, work directly with weavers which gives us autonomy to stress the importance of ethical weaving and Fair Trade.

All of our rugs are 100% handmade. We only ever work with the weavers who employ centuries old traditions of rug weaving and still do things the ‘good old way’.   We are strictly against mass production and therefore, all our rugs come with a certificate of authenticity to give you complete peace of mind about the material, quality and processes your rug has gone through in production. Our producers are members of international organisation including CARE AND FAIR, who’s aims include abolition of illegal child labour and improving the well being of weavers in countries like Pakistan and India.


Mallow and White

by Joanna White

Welcome to multi award-winning botanical skincare with high performance ingredients you can understand and trust.

I am passionate about beautifully simple and effective skincare, where each carefully chosen ingredient has a chance to shine.

From Hobby to Profession – I had a full time job working for BBC Radio for over 20 years, however, my growing passion in my spare time was experimenting with natural ingredients found in my kitchen cabinets that worked on my itchy irritated face.

I remember the time I tried out my first recipe. It worked! Oh! The delight. My skin was soothed and transformed in a gentle and effective way without any overly complicated recipes. Simplicity worked best. An obsession was born and I handed in my notice at the BBC.

Seven years of intensive research, courses, and countless testing combined with very enthusiastic customer feedback has produced the beautifully effective and organic range of skincare I offer today. Beautifully simple ingredients for simply beautiful skin.



by Jo Twelftree

As a Graphic designer & up-cycler I love collecting and selling Unique pieces for the home.

Creating lifestyle through colour and bold design that brings joy to everyday life from stunning colourful glassware, ornate lanterns for the home or garden, up-cycled decoupage mirrors to beautiful faux blooms.


Christian Twelftree

By Christian Teftree

I am an artist who lives, paints and exhibits in and around the Chiltern Hills. Exploring its landscapes rather than its famous places, painting themes such as the folds of the land,

trees-capes and searching out hidden nooks and stunning vistas.


Leonora Cannatella

by Leonora Eggenton

Leonora Cannatella is a consciously designed luxury clothing and accessories brand, designed in house and made in the UK.  Quality is at the heart of the brand and products are carefully considered and ethically produced in collaboration with skilled and carefully chosen manufacturers.  We also where possible work to reduce waste and produce in a way which is considerate to our environment.

Our products


We create luxurious, bold and brightly coloured silk satin scarves in various sizes from original artwork. Each production run is carefully planned to minimise waste, using every part of the fabric.

Kaftan dresses

We use surplus fabrics to create our kaftan style dresses so as to repurpose fabrics that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Wall Art

We produce original artworks, which are printed as high quality Giclée prints using the best archival art papers.  A Giclée fine art print is a high quality archival inkjet print, which offers the highest degree of colour, accuracy and resolution, making the print the highest quality and maintaining its colour for up to 100 years and more.

About Leonora Cannatella

After a successful career in fashion design, in 2014 Leonora had a life changing health experience. During this difficult time, she discovered photography, something she had always wanted to learn, and with this new passion and new medium, she re-engaged her creativity and discovered her love of surface design.

With her understanding of fabrics and love of colour, combined with her new skills of producing digital artworks from her own photographic images, came the idea to produce luxury, digitally printed clothing and accessories.

The result is the Leonora Cannatella brand.


HKD Ceramics

by Harmeet

I am a self-taught ceramicist inspired by patterns and colour which have played a big part in my life and culture. I have always been drawn to these two elements as I feel that colour affects our moods and patterns symbolise a range of meanings to individuals.

I believe that ceramics become a part of you during your life. We use it in our every day environment and I feel that when any maker creates their work, they subconsciously leave a small piece of themselves within their objects. Making it a special bond between the maker and their work and that is what I love about handmade objects.

All my pieces are hand thrown, slab built, glazed and fired by myself. They are one off and unique pieces, making it special to the buyer.


Iris Design Floral

by Jemima

Iris Design Floral are a small business based in Hertfordshire who feel passionate about producing beautiful products that feel like a treat whilst at the same time give a little back. We offer a range of beautiful silk blooms, home fragrances and gift boxes all beautifully wrapped and ready to give and are proud to give £1 of every sale to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Our silk blooms are available by the stem or as arrangements and we love working closely with our customers to create bespoke blooms to sit in your chosen setting leaving you to enjoy them for years to come.


Bella & Bo @ Home

by Annie and J

A little about Bella and Bo @ Home

With 5 children, 3 dogs and 2 dashing husbands we (Annie and J) decided that with our shared love for interiors and giving friends lovely gifts, we would create a Pop Up business that would reflect our style and creativity. Our focus is affordable interiors and gifts that are both on trend and also great quality. We also love to do our bit for the planet and stock beautiful rugs and textiles made entirely from recycled plastic bottles! We “Pop Up” at anything  from Charity Shopping events, County Shows and Home and Garden Events as well as selling online. @bellabohome


Rachel Bellman

by Rachel Bellman

Original art made from genuine UK sea glass. Recycled by nature & reinvented by me.

I spend my holidays combing the beaches of Cornwall, Northumberland and Scotland for sea glass, driftwood and sea pottery, and use my finds to create images of the simple things in life.

There are certain themes that I enjoy working and reworking but often the images I produce are one-offs, never to be repeated.  The sea glass I work with is not tampered with in any way: I don’t shape it, tumble it or colour it, and I enjoy the challenge that creates though it can be frustrating at times!

Sometimes I start with an image in my head and select sea glass accordingly and sometimes a single piece of glass can spark an idea.  Sometimes 2 pieces of glass are all that is required to make an impactful picture; sometimes it takes 200 pieces!

My latest collection features images of the British summer.  I’ve popped into the lido, stopped off for an ice cream at the beach, collected honey from the hive and tripped down country lanes on my imaginative journey.

Rebecca Yates London

By Rebecca Yates

I am a red lipstick obsessive, coffee addict and designer. Welcome to my world of colour and positivity – please make yourself at home!

I want to bring together beautiful design, positive messages and also offer you something a little different. We all have dreams and aspirations, things we want to achieve and mountains to climb. Some days we just need to keep all those plates spinning and sometimes we need a reminder of how great we are. (And sometimes we just need to find a great birthday present for our best friend. Because they are so amazing and deserve something really amazing too.)

And that’s what all my designs are all about. Bringing together the sometimes unusual with the practical. Hand-painted designs turned into prints and stationery with a little digital magic!

Chilli Fox Designs

by Vanessa Wells

Illustrator of many crazy things.

Chilli Fox’s Emporium features a series of animal illustrations that depict the everyday (or not so everyday) secret lives of some of the worlds most beloved creatures. It all started with drawing animals with surprisingly human traits (the first being the badger with a glass of wine.. who hasn’t felt like that).  This evolved into the menagerie that is Chilli Fox, which has over 100 designs of different animals.  It is a labour of love to depict so many animals – domestic and exotic – and I enjoy either embellishing expected traits, or creating unexpected juxtapositions with their secret lives.

Part of the evolution of this epic project is that we have been able to use the motifs as surface pattern design for fabrics and create my own range of beautiful and fun accessories.

Chilli Fox designs are available on cards, coasters and prints (all printed in UK) –  as well as on scarves, bags, wash bags and cushions that are handmade in our home studio in Hampshire.

Brand Designs

By Vicki

Fun and original greeting cards.