Real Reindeer – Saturday 22nd December 11am-3pm

The Real Reindeer Company are with us again on Saturday 22nd December!

Find out how these fascinating animals live from their experienced handlers.

We will also have some wonderful choirs on the day too.

We are committed to bringing these incredible creatures to the centre again this year to enable local people to learn more about them and will take every precaution to ensure safety and well being is absolutely essential.

We have worked with Real Reindeer Ltd for many years; their herd have adapted extremely well to the UK climate, they moult their winter coat in the spring and have a much finer summer coat. They live on a large farm with a range of paddocks and 24-hour access to a 17th century stone dovecote with the thick stone walls, which stays wonderfully cool.

Reindeer husbandry is a very specialised skill and as such bears enormous responsibility. Reindeer should have bright eyes, well cared for feet and a shiny coat and at events should be relaxed enough to lie down, eat and drink; this indicates that they have been trained correctly.

Real Reindeer Ltd are also supported by a team of committed vets who have worked with us to acquire with essential knowledge in the treatment and care of reindeer.